see other free pake raffle this one dead

since we all bought my wife a new frame
i’m giving back to tarck in means of her old pake frame its a 53
i’ll pay the shipping within the 48 states

so i’ve thought it over

people who joined tarckbike before the original panasonic raffle happened are eligible
so we’ll start a new list first 25 peeps to message me who joined before oct 10th
thats when the panasonic raffle happened are in the raffle

if you were in the original panasonic raffle and you want in you’ve got a spot…but you gotta reply in this thread or message me and claim it.

i’m leaving this list below here for the meantime so i know who was in the first raffle
i’ll update with new names and deletions
at the most it will be 75 people

  1. xylophonecks
  2. m4bandit
  3. NitroyPye
  4. deathhare
  5. artblur
  6. volthause
  7. lurk
  8. (|)
  9. johnnyraja
  10. felldownthewell
  11. Rusty Piton
  12. muzzy
  13. toddistic
  14. baravettski
  15. EuroJosh
  16. Anita
  17. zelah
  18. room203
  19. anomaly
  20. ben
  21. danger_scott
  22. frankstoneline
  23. AndeeK
  24. tehscientist
  25. dmotoguy
  26. CeeGee
  27. darklordoflove
  28. clout
  29. SuperVillain
  30. 666pack
  31. VT Tallbike
  32. tepr
  33. Straws
  34. smellmypeebody
  35. surfimp
  36. LoReezy
  37. wotan
  38. Jabba Degrassi
  39. anthegreat1
  40. Ackit
  41. TimArchy
  42. doofo
  43. ch6se
  44. fixedgnar
  45. peteis2cool4u
  46. stormy
  47. Waychel
  48. gerund
  49. bad news
  50. Ian Graham

You should put deathhare into your spot since he’s the one that organized the original hookup.

I don’t know if he’d have any use for a Pake, but whatev.


good call

tarck is so generous and loving.

Awesome. Thanks dooktruck.

i guess you don’t need to take my name off


this is very gracious of you

is the list everyone who entered the raffle for the panasonic?

edit: read the other thread, oops! :bear:


sweet this is rad.

Can I be in the raffle? I will actually be using it.

so awesome!

sorry only people in on the original panasonic raffle are eligible
those are the rules i made up in my head
maybe the dude who wins will sell it to you cheap if it doesn’t fit them or maybe it will end up on ebay
maybe it will end up part of a tall bike
whoever wins gets to choose

if it gets ghostridden off of skyscraper
i just ask that it gets filmed

I want eet

hahaha well it was worth a try.

This is such an unbelievably nice gesture dook. I really didn’t think people like you were left in the world haha. Two raffles for the price of one!

when is the drawing?

and do we get a cool video again!?

you’ll have to settle for still images with captions
i don’t got no video camera
i’m not a baller like deathhare

the drawing will be tomorrow evening