Sell me your BMX trail bike

Looking for something 20.75-21 TT with 14ish rear end and not tryna spend a lot cuz it’ll be my first trail bike

I have a Mongoose, i dont know if its a trail bike, i can measure and get more info…its the

I can measure stuff later…It’s this one

I’ve got some Animal tires on it (not really a trail tire…), S&M Stem and bars, Profile cranks, everything else stock

I have something similar but need a longer bike unfortunately

Plenty of complete offerings for not much monies these days.

There are lots out there, but haven’t found one with the geo I want. Looking for something like the S&M CCR.

Fit TRL?

Wouldn’t be much of an upgrade from what I have

You’re kinda looking for mid-school geo, then? Why not buy a frame and switch everything over?

I was talking with a friend the other day and bmx pricing, per part, is amazing vs most other subsets of cycling. USA made frame with good tubing, $400. Bars, $70. Fork, $140.

I spent $1500 on my T1 and got everything I wanted. I could have spent another $300 getting profile hubs and cranks, but it’s still within ballpark of the best you can get. If you wanted a USA made road/cx/mtb frame with the same tubing…$1500+.

reading this thread makes me want a bmx so damn bad :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: