Selling random stuff from your bike pile: the thread

Seems reasonable, but please keep in mind the Moser is 120 or 126 spacing instead of 130

12.6 may as well be 13.0


i got a new cheap 26” disc dyno front wheel

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xtr m951 vbrak/lever set

they’re the stand alone levers not the levers/pods

e: oof these go for stupid prices on the ebays.

Go on…


Like how stupid?

And what sort of shape are they in?

Anyone need 650bX32 Grand Bois Cypres? One new in package, two with less than 500 miles. Standard casing. Never punctured.

$70 shipped CONUS for the lot?

I think @orc might be the only person that rides 650x32

I tried the cypres a few years back, but wasn’t particularly impressed with them.

im gonna sell my Mone Light bars, they don’t have enough sweep for my brittle hand bones.

not much use. $200 shipped.


We have to stop meeting like this

lets sell each other bike parts until we are both dead.


I’ll dm PayPal and mailing address?

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Back and forth, forever




Basically brand new Box group that came off of my Jones complete, low single digit miles and has seen zero trail use:

  • Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide dangler
  • Box Three Prime 9 shifter, multi-shift, Jagwire cable and housing, full housing run to dangler (and still connected)
  • Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide 9-speed 11-50T cassette (11-13-15-18-22-28-34-42-50)
  • Box Two Prime 9 chain (take-off, 118 links with quick link)
  • Box Two Prime 9 chain (new in box, 144 links with quick link)
  • Two pairs of Box 9-speed quick links, one pair in silver, one pair in black (because that’s how they sell it).

Will take some pics this evening.

$100 + shipping

Dibs already!

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One pair of very lightly used Ortlieb sport-roller plus front panneirs in granite/black. Includes the straps and all the inserts (10mm are installed).

$100 plus shipping

Free to post again my friend.

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Mentioned elsewhere, $80 + shipping for them Ortliebs.