Sette components.

They are cheap on pricepoint and i want them because they are white. i would be getting the O/S low rise risers, stem, and a seat post.

What’s the quality like on that stuff? If it sucks im not going to get that stuff.

I’d go for the risers. I always thought or think that cheap seatposts are usually Kalin(?)

They’re fine, around the quality of the cheaper Ritchey stuff. I have a couple months worth of commuting on a stem and post and have no complaints.

what’s wrong with Kalloy? sure, they make cheap seatposts, but they work and are fine for a beater.

I had a Sette stem on my mtb for a while. It did the job, was inexpensive, and lightweight.


i have a white seatpost and stem. so far both have been working just fine. ill probabley buy another stem and risers from them as well. so i can switch bars with the quickness.

i have a set of their straight bars on my mountain bike. works just fine. there stuf gets good reviews on

just got all my coke white components. build quality is great. interesting seat post clamp. we’ll see how it is in practice. once i get a new frame… .

Got the white stem and seatpost too. I like them. The only thing is that the powdercoat is kinda thick, and you can feel it when installing. I might get the riser and bar set that are both white, if not for a current bike then a future bike. They look nice and are really affordable.

i plan on getting the white seatpost, stem, and risers for my 725tr.

Funny how one average company decides to powdercoat mountain bike parts white, and the tarck kids swoop down and snatch them up. It’s a wonder there aren’t more color choices out on the market.

I’ll take some pictures of the parts on my bike for ya room203!

blicks, i love your crazy setup!

are those deda crono nero bars?
edit- saw it in the other thread and now i can tell they aren’t

Did you have to bore them out?

iz looking goood.

They’re hacked up Nashbar-brand Syntace Stratos. They’re probably made at the same factory but don’t have any brand name on them.