Shimano 100

A fugn book
Not new dura ace
A fugn book

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A limited edition book that you can enter a lottery for, no less!

Give the people what they want Shimano, where’s our wireless DA?!

New DA in 2022 I was told yesterday. Which kindof sucks TBH. Big ol waste of resources when they can’t deliver pretty much everything else.


All I really want to know is if 12x142 will be obsolete

Already is. Right? What weird unicorn hub were you looking for again?

No idea but I guess that means I’ll be a 12x142 11sp deadender forever

for those of us not keeping up constantly what is 12x142 dead to?



The top 3’s top road bikes are all 12x142 for 2021.

I’m willing to bet that Shimano is going to have backward compatibility for top 3 for those frames.

12 142 works with the sram stuff. But you need an xdr freewheel.

man I’ve been out for only two years, what’re the stupid dimensions now?

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I can feel myself turning into a retro grouch as I read this


Yes I am. But you were looking for something particular right?

Like 142, 6 bolt, and microspline? That’s a rare bird outside of stuff like DT or other fully modular systems.

What’s new!?

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Not me I don’t think

So it will be dead in 5 years, to be replaced with new QR that is 11x137 and offers exactly no improvement besides quick pro tour wheelchanges.

Dead in 5 years is ok, As long as the new Shimano group supports 12x142


O fuk
There’s a cooler?
This changes things

Now if there was a dura ace branded handlebar cooler I wouldn’t be upset

@BicyclePubes do you have any info?

i love how much detail they’ve gone into, even on stuff no one cares about, like Altus…


…wait WHAT



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