Shimano GRX 810 Double 48/31 Crank, 175mm

I got this thinking I was 100% going to go with a GRX double setup on the gravgrav/cross rig I’m putting together… and then I got a 1x/wireless only frame so now feel like a dingus sitting on a cool crank he’s not going to use anytime soon.

Anyone want this? It’s a take off 175mm length that I was told had never seen miles and was taken off immediately and replaced with a shorter crank. Looks pretty perfect to me. I paid $200 for it but would take less than that ($180 shipped?) from someone here if it means I can avoid craigslist/paceline nonsense.

If it was only 2.5mm shorter GLWS

Tryna give you the full dentist tire kicking


I posted on CL and got back an email from someone literally just saying “crazy world that gravel parts are more expensive than dura ace these days!”


Where is a take off DA FC 9100 $200?

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I have no fucking clue but I’d like to find out and grab a few! Maybe used 7900 ones but 9100 retail for like 3x the msrp of the top of the line GRX810’s