Silk Road (aka spice exchange)

Well, thanks to @ShartAttack’s encouragement and good advice i have way more spices than i’ll use. some powder, some whole. it’s the same price to get 300g of kashmiri chili powder as it is to get a 1oz jar at the grocery store (of reg cayenne. mccormack doesn’t do kashmiri i don’t think) and boy i want to not let all of this go stale

This thread is encouraging everyone to hit the local ethnic store and pass the savings on to you.

Does anyone want:

dried kashmiri chilies
kashmiri chili powder
ajwain seed
black mustard seed
fennel seed

i’ll keep adding things here as i go because i like to support my local asian/indopak stores and get good value but fuck man there’s no way i’ll finish this so if you want free spices hmu

if you buy too many spices in order to buy spices, someone will probably take some


the Spice must flow

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what you want?