Sizing a Keirin frame

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a NJS Keirin frame, but am unsure about what size I should pick up. I am 5’7", but have a small inseam, about 28". I ride a 49cm compact track frame right now (sloping geometry) and a small compact road frame. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

a lot of track frames sized 49 have 52.5 or 53cm top tubes, including keirin frames. if i were in your boots i’d be looking for a 52cm frame, but of course, it varies by person.

a lot of people these days like smaller frames with a whole mess of seatpost, and then put a drop stem on it. that’s silly. take a look at how keirin racers fit their bike, they’ve got a fistful of seatpost and a drop stem.

Small frames are lighter too. :slight_smile:

Lost interest in the frame I have for sale?

This is the problem with buying a bike you can’t test ride. Anyway, if you already have a track bike, why do you need another? Or do you really just need a tarck bike?

Oh, I’d bet you need something in the 52-54cm range, but it’s impossible to know without a fitting.

im your size and fit swell on 52’s, but get properly fitted at some sort of local bicycle emporium and youll have a much easier time.