how many do i have if i am running 48/14

bro do the math
48*14=672 skid patches

What if i can skid switchstance?

U gotta pedal backwards when u skid to even it out

oh i forgot about switchstance ambidextrious skidding
multiply by two

so you get 1344 skid patches

If you rotate the tire you can get infinite skid patches.

If you run a brake you will transcend such mortal concerns. And save a fuckton a money. MOAR PBRS


elephant trunk both ways bro? PROPS.

^ that chart is way off bro

oh, there I go tryna be helpful. Forgot where I was for a minute.

bro do you even fixie the answer is 7


a plus thread would again

shirley u get different number of patches depending on thickslicks or gatorskins or everwears becaus of the radial length

go for many skid patches so you can make as uniform worn tyre belts possible afterwards

armadillos 4 lyfe bros

I like my randos like I like my jamaican beer, red stripes all around

teh old gatorskins with real alligator was the best
teh new ones are shit