slip ons suck.

i was driving my dad’s truck around for a few days while my parents are in ottawa, and i finally got sick of dealing with construction and driving, so i came back to my parents house to trade truck for bicycle. and i just realized that i am wearing my slip-ons. While the suberbia to downtown commute is normaly super nice, i am really not looking forward to this.

i always ride with my amazing 6$ slipons from rite-aid

They aren’t so bad, actually.

i don’t really like riding in slip-ons either (vans). toe straps hurt cuz of the thin canvas upper and the grip on the bottom is so sticky its hard to slip into the pedals, from my experience

ottawa? where you from?


(i’m from edmonton)
I -really- don’t like riding in slip-ons. Maybe it’s just because the sole is super thin and my pedals are sharp and metal-ey. I can’t find a toe strap tightness where i can get my feet in and out of the pedals reasonably and not have an awful lot of play when i try to pull up with my back foot. But also, if i stand up it is kind of uncomfortable on the part of my feet that are in contact with the pedal. Like if you were to just ride with socks or something, but not as bad.

But! aside from that, the commute was really really fun. It is really nice out, i felt like i was going pretty fast most of the time, and traffic was super friendly. Plus i ended up doubling a friend of mine from one bar to another (actually a pretty reasonably long jaunt) and it was super fun. I’ve never doubled on my fix gear before, and i always assumed (without the aid of a few drinks) that it would not be easy or fun. But it turns out that it -is- easy and very fun.

But my feet really do kinda hurt a little bit.

Im in aylmer, its right next to ottawa.
Can our bikes be friends.

I love Vans slip-ons.
As long as they arent old and worn out.
The sole is stiff and good grip.

i love riding in slip ons. i just added a harder insole to stiffen up the sole and offer a bit more arch support. they lock my foot when strapped in better than anything else i’ve ridden, and i find loosening the straps on the fly is quite similar motion to unstrapping snowboard bindings.

I like powergrips for slipons since there is no uncomfy metal clip.

Puma Barrel Roll. They are a bit pricey but soooo comfy.

half cabs

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this fall vans is actually coming out with an authentic or era (cant remember which) that has a removable stiff midsole/insole.


[quote=“carail”]Im in aylmer, its right next to ottawa.
Can our bikes be friends.[/quote]

no. my bike lives in edmonton. It’s inherantly distrustfull of anything east of manitoba.

slip ons + no foot retention = : )

I really want to try out some clipless gear this summer, especially as I see myself logging serious miles on my road bike, but I just cant justify dropping 100 skins on a pedal setup just to try out.

i picked up some mtb shoes at a garage sale for $20 and stole some spd pedals from a box of parts that has been kicking around for awhile, and i’m pretty stoked on them. The pedal/shoe combo is pretty janky, and i usually take it off for going to work/the bar/anywhere where i don’t want to wear my ugly biking shoes, but it’s really fun for riding. Highly reccomended.