SLO/Santa Barbara tarckers

I’m super new to the area and I have some work that I need done on my bike. (I want some tutoring in bottom bracket maintenance among other things.) I’ve had some pretty unfortunate experiences with bike shops that were prejudiced against fixed gear bikes or just didn’t know what they were doing. Bici Centro (edit) has gotten some good reviews on tarck, but from what I can tell, only for their available stands and tools. Any recommendations? I’m willing to drive around to have a good bike shop experience.

Also, I know there’s a ride night in SLO once a month, during the Farmer’s Market? How do I get the heads up on that? Any other usual rides that I should get in on?

Just looking for dudes I can kick it with.

Active forum supporting the local FG scene here in Santa Barbara:
They do rides, races, etc. and seem to get together pretty regularly.

Can’t speak to SLO, but here in SB, Dave Lettieri’s FasTrack is definitely tarck friendly (Dave used to race track and was Lance Armstrong’s mechanic at one point… he’s definitely well regarded by the local FG riders I’ve interacted with, and he built up my FG Cross Check, so I am a satisfied customer too). The other shops are OK for fixed, but you need to what you’re looking for.

Most important local resource for any bicyclist, IMHO, is our local bike co-op, Bici Centro.
They will happily help you with whatever you want to work on, are totally fun, and totally great. I built up my Xtracycle conversion there, have worked on my FG there too, and have done one ride with them. Great, wonderful group of people, can’t say enough good things about them. Have an excellent selection of inexpensive, good quality used parts, if you’re willing to root around in their well-organized bins.



True flight in Santa Barbara is also a good shop.

SLOFIXED.COM FTW it sucks :frowning:

lets ride sometime where are you?
i’m in slo

Good point - I haven’t been into or dealt with True Flight yet, but they have definitely made a visible effort to support FG riding here. Sorry for leaving them off, it was simple oversight :bear:

to actually add something of value to the OP.

i have a fully tooled workshop on campus that i use, but i dont know shit about BB so cant help u there
edit: guess that doesn’t add anything either. except there aren’t any good shops in SLO for fg

I’m in Santa Maria, which is fun at night because there is absolutely no traffic, but full on suckage during the day.
Snails, let’s ride!!!
… after I get this bracket shit worked out, of course.