So I heard you like geometry

A friend has been working on this website for some time and JUST launched.

It’s so slick, I need to hold myself back from diving down the hole till finals are done and grades are in…

The geometry of a bicycle is the source of truth for a significant portion of it’s handling and fit characteristics. Bike Insights exists to help people use this extremely valuable information to find and fit bicycles best for their bodies and intended use.

Sign up and start adding your stable here:


i don’t get why those bike counterculture dudes don’t just post on tarck, like they signed up and never visited again?

I thought this was going to be fun, but then I realized it was in the bikes section.


That’s neat. I like to overview of each category. Would be nice to be able to click on each individual hash mark and find out what bike has what characteristic for the average scales.

I haven’t played with this but it looks pretty great. Had this come out 3-4 years ago I wouldn’t have had to keep my early '90s 2D cad skills fresh.

Also, interesting how similar off-the-shelf bikes (Space Horse in green, Hunter Gatherer in orange) can be compared to yolo artisanal custom made bike (Kirk in white, with a shorter than normal TT).

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@Hobocross is a real nice guy and most of his bikes have Paul brakes.

Don’t think that makes for a good tarck candidate

How is bikeinsights different from, aren’t they running of the same data?

bikeinsights is written in react!! not stinky geometrygeeks jquery

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