So I ran into the great Tarckbear at the tax office.

My registration expired so I thought I would represent.

whoa, just whoa.

Edit: no, wait, whoa and :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

:bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

that is a rad plate

will you sharpie lance’s wheel into a spok?


Please do this.

I tried to get SHERPA for the Jeep a few months ago, and someone had already taken it.

tarck of legend

and marker in a rear disc

Those are fucking rad. I just ordered these a couple weeks ago:

They’re not customizable tho, so I get whatever 4 random alphanumeric characters they put on it. They were only $20 more than standard plates, and the registration fees are the same as standard. They should be here soon.


Snackie, your sig is epic.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

OK so the vote is aerospok front, but what about the rear? DeepV or Disc? Let me know so I can get started.


Lime green Veep.

Plate is awesome.
Snackie’s sig is awesome.
This thread is awesome.