so my gatorskin shit the bed

not entirely. i didn’t skid through it or anything, i just hit a hard, sharp bump on accident in the dark and it ripped a lil flap in my tire.

can i repair this? yes, a new tire is the best option but are there any lil fixes i can to to it? patch kit glue?

the flap is smaller than a dime, i was thinking about putting patch kit glue/rubber cement under it to hold it down so it doesnt come up and rip even more

You could try the tarckface method… I had a hole in my tire big enough that the tube wanted to balloon out of it, which is just askin for a flat…this guy takes a piece of index card and duct-tapes it to the inside of my tire. I’ve been running that for a week, no problems, and there’s no way the tube can poke out–although I’ve never done it on a rear tire, so I dunno how it would hold up to a skid.

I have done some miles on a tire with a folded up dollar bill positioned over a large hole in a tire. Its an old roadie trick. You could try patching it just like a tube. use your biggest patch.

I just recently had a tire like that, it rode fine for some time then all of a sudden, WHHHEEEEEEEeRRRRRRPPP ridiculous flat sound.

but that was a pretty big flap…

Here’s probably a dumb question… would it be possible to melt it back into the tire? Like with a lighter (at a good distance of course). I’m pretty sure it’s a resounding no, but I’m really curious. (I’m drunk. Shut up)

BITD there were patch kits that required a flame to cure. This might actually work.

i made a “boot” suggested buy sheldon brown and all of ya’ll out of some spare bar tape i had in the garage.

then i figured it wouldn’t hurt to seal the cut on the actual tire with rubber cement from a patch kit.

Rubber cement from patch kit + lighter + time = fixed?

This works great with smaller holes. I’ve since purchased a small pack of Park Tool adhesive tire boots. Pretty much same idea just a better suited material and an adhesive backing for trouble free placement. I ave yet to try these out though.

I usually just rubber cement an old section of tube over the spot if it isn’t too large. Hasn’t failed me yet.

Could you post a picture of the damage? If it is just the rubber you might get away with it. If you have torn any of the chords in the carcass you are asking for trouble. At the very least, get it off of the front wheel.


no, my drunk friend, no

The weave structure of the casing is what holds the tire together, not the rubber.

melting the tire sounds like a bad idea. If its just a flap, and its not through the carcass, then id just have fun on that tire till its dead, itll probably be fine as it is. i got a flap in one of my ultrasports that wasnt through the carcass, and after a couple weeks skidding the flap ripped off, but the exposed section under didnt touch the road(kevlar remained bright purple!). if its jsut through the rubber, adn you still got some kevlar and the carcass beneath it you shoudl be good.

just to help us help you better though, how big is the rip/flap? and how deep does it go?

Priority Mail Tyvek envelopes make the best tire boots. They’re also free.

it got some of the threads

it’s the rear, and i coated that sumbitch with patch kit glue.

and i’m going to get a better “boot” tommorrow

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