is the dent on the toptube a TDB?


In consideration of your size requirements it might not be a dealbreaker at $100, but it
doesn’t look like it has the greatest components or has had the greatest care.

What does TDB mean? I think the seller doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is describing the paint chips as “dents,” or else the dents are smallish dings, which I really wouldn’t worry about at all. The price is certainly right for the frame (if you don’t pay exorbitant shipping or can pick it up) - the parts are junk that should probably be immediately donated to your local bike Co-Op. It’s another project bike, not one that’s ready-to-ride.

TDB=total deal breaker

BC did you see the dent in that top tube?

Total Deal Breaker?

late on that one

Oh, I see it now in photo six. Yeah, that’s pretty bad. I’m pretty sure the bike is structurally sound, but I don’t know if I’d pay good money for a pre-dented, non-repairable bike. I love Cannondales, but to be honest, frames like that are sort of disposable.

Sol, I posted this on the eBay thread. Tubing unknown, and I don’t know enough about Benottos to know what’s what with them. Though based on the toptube stickers, I’d say this frame was raced professionally or semi-pro.

I vote yes.

thanks guys. im not learned as far as components