SOLD! 1990 Specialized Stumpjumper frameset. 21.5"


1990 Stumpjumper frame/fork/headset.
21.5" Size. (24" top tube)
$125 SOLD!


1” headtube?


Yes fork has a 1" steerer.

I have a couple of aluminum frames for 1-1/8" steerer is there something specific you’re after?


Really I just want the stumpy but ???


I’ll take it if Mig doesn’t want it


You better


I am!

I’m thinking 1x, kinda commutery position, use it to get around town and maybe see if the kid wants to get into riding some of the semi-formal urban trails around town this summer.



Cause it’s awfully tempting


tell you what, on the off chance that I get the frameset and then totally don’t get around to building it up because I’m finding that in middle age a year goes by really really quickly, I’ll happily sell it on to you at cost.

Then you can dither for a year and sell it on to the next person, and so on and so on down through the ages


Sell it to Mig!


So happy I don’t have to buy this thing. Thanks y’all.


Yeah call me when you don’t build it up


Maybe I can turn this thing into the DJ bike of my dreams, assuming my dreams are of never getting good at park bikes and also bashing my nuts super fucking hard all the time


Yeah, whew! Glad it’s gone.


No man.
Shit no, man!


keep talking and I’ll hacksaw off all the brazeons and make a super awkward FGFS machine out of it


That would be cool


I feel like this might be reverse psychiatry or something, but I can’t quite tell.