SOLD - 1993-ish Bianchi Project 5 - Med.

I’ve listed this on the local CL, and am totes negotiable on price, esp for tarckxers. Holler if you know anyone interested:

Bianchi Project 5 - Medium
Seat tube 17” Top tube 21.5”
Shimano wheelset (front is original, rear was replaced at some point)
700x32mm Purple/Gum Panaracer GravelKing slick tires (only about 5mi on these)
3x8 Shimano drivetrain
SunRace friction thumb shifters
Shimano cantilever brakes (brand new brake pads)
Avid brake levers
Handmade wood fenders

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Those speed dial levers are sweet, real easy to swap on some v-brakes.

I’ll let the next owner know :wink:

More info on the fenders? Great looking Bike by the way.

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Thanks! The fenders look just like these:

But I found these ones in the dumpster behind my old apartment building. On the inside of the fenders, they are signed and dated by the maker, which tells me they’re probably handmade and from a similar Etsy seller. The hardware on them is nice, like SKS bolts, and I finally got around to hacking off the excess so I could sell the bike knowing it wouldn’t lacerate anyone

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Those are friggon sweet!

Right? They match the darker gumwalls on the Gravelkings quite nicely

Where wood fenders belong.

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That’s why they’re on a For Sale bike, and not a For Keeps bike.

Aside from how thick they are, what’s the rub?

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I mainly dislike them because they’re a dumb affectation. I think they’ll work out in your favor on this sale. Don’t underestimate the draw of wood fenders to the uninitiated rube.

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