SOLD: 650B wheelset (White Ind, WTB) in Minneapolis

wheels have been sold

That’s a deal

Would pay extra to ship here just to flip

FTFM. Good price. Would buy.

Confirmed they’re i23, now in Rudyvision


Mostly I’m not sure where I get a box that’ll fit them, will consider shipping I guess.

@Emor_please Doug?


I’ll jump in line if you decide youre up for shipping these!

I’ll take them AND provide a shipping label.

Heck, I’ll provide a box.

I have a friend who desperately needs to 650 his Coffee Grinder.

Wheels are claimed pending payment

holy cow, those are beautiful.
Why do you hate money?

For future reference: the box from an office chair is usually a good size for wheels. If a bike shop is out of wheel boxes, try the office supy store.


put me on that list. I’ll grab em if everyone else doesn’t for whatever reason

wheels have been sold


I’ll take those