SOLD Fox 36 Float Factory 29 160mm grip boost bouncy fork

DAMAGED. There’s a decent mark on the stanchion where the kashima coating is gone. I’d call it more of a shallow chip than a basic scratch.

2021 Fox Factory Float 29er, 160mm boost, grip damper, etc.
187mm steerer (threaded internally for a oneup topcap/tool thingy). 44mm offset.

I rode this like once to confirm it worked. Didn’t seem to weep oil or anything but I can’t imagine the chip is any good for the seals. Thought I’d make a project of trying to fill/smooth the stanchion. Or reduce travel so the chip was below the seals and put it on a dumb dirt jumper.

Seems worth it for the parts or ride for a while but I’m open to offers.

Why are you doing this to me

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Bumpdate, met the owner of Risse Racing at an event this evening, he’s getting me a price on replacing the stanchion.

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How used up is it? IIRC these develop stanchion creak after a while too. I’d be interested in it as a project.

I would say not used up at all. Dude I bought it from a year+ ago was original owner, he said it fell over leaning against his car or something and hit a rock. Apparently fairly early in his ownership. He replaced it soon after.

I bought it, rode once quick install to confirm function (with no front brake lol), didn’t creak under my substantial weight. I was going to fix it up, but every day I had free time to work on it I chose to ride instead. (Same reason my bike still has Deore level parts on it, while the XT stuff sits in a box).

let me measure my steerer needs

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