SOLD FS redline conquest disc r


Selling a redline conquest disc r bike for 250. Here’s the marketplace listing Redirecting...

It came from a user here ages ago, and was my beat around the city bike. Recently tuned up by a good mechanic and has been sitting as I ride other bikes these days. Set up as a 1x7 currently. 700x32s on it. Stomp pedals. Bb7 cable disc brakes. Kona fork. Tiagra rear derailleur. Tape blacking out some obnoxious graphics. I’ll throw in a couple Rainiers and a kick in the pants.

In good but used shape. It’s got a few scratches and a ton of stories. It’ll get you there!

Im in Greenlake, seattle

It’s a 56, for people too lazy to click through to the FB ad.

i THINK it’s a 56. fuck me if i know how to measure it properly and dammit if it doesn’t say on the frame :). I think Seth (user here) sold it to me, maybe he remembers? what’s his username to tag? fred knows @juge_fredd

standover height of toptube is at about 32.5"

Derrick go to cargo bike thread and show us your bullit.


oh snap, let me get some new glamour shots and I’ll head over there soon

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Paging @LarryWinget to the courtesy Redline :phone:


56 sounds right to me. I had to run a 130 stem to get it to work for me.

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High fives