SOLD Persuader Bar and GB cork Aspin

Cleaning up the bike mess! Thought I’d toss these on here since I don’t have fb anymore and don’t know where to sell crap.

Raw chromoly Tumbleweed Persuader bars in 800mm widthway. A little clamp scratching but overall in good shape. Not too many miles on these, I just didn’t like how much they sweep back. $80 shipped.

Bathtowel Aspin touring saddle in cork. Very few miles on this. I’ve had to accept that leather saddles just don’t work for me. It’s a little dry, been in the box for a long time. Will ship with original packaging. $150 shipped OBO

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Kind of want the bath towel

Kinda want those bars.

Those are some good lookin bars

Want both, need neither.

I’ll take the bars


Both are spoken for pending some savage haggling


Thank goodness
I was about to email about saddle