SOLD: Shimano GRX 810 175mm Crank with Stages Left Side Power Meter

48/31 chainrings. Approximately 2,300 miles on this. Happy to provide more pictures, but it’s in about the shape you’d expect - i.e. it looks fine but up close it has scratches and wear. Everything works.

Honestly no idea how much to ask for this. I have this on eBay for $350, but I gather that’s too much. New this would be $325 (Stages factory install) + $235 (MSRP for crank) = $560. Obviously this isn’t new, though.

What’s fair? $300? :man_shrugging: I’d rather sell it here for less than on eBay for more.

can you make it 5mm shorter? id gladly pay

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No make it 2.5mm shorter

171 it is.

Think of all the extra leverage you will have with the extra 2.5/5mm. You can’t spell gravel without leverage!