SOLD: Swanky gold anno Stan's Arch 27.5"

New never built up. A pair of Stan’s Arch, 27.5 32H.
I bought them brand new from Project321 as polished silver, then sent them to be anodized gold.

Alas, the dream build never got beyond a few parts gathered, and life happens.

Please tell me if I’m way off base one way or another, hard to price these.

New never built, still in wrapping from the plater. I will of course unwrap and photo both fully if someone’s interested in these.

[Urge to do weird bike dithering rises]

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Ugh, I also feel strongly compelled to hoard these.
Maybe I need to try my Wolverine with 650s and fatter tires?


I bought these in November 2018, they are the Arch EX.

From Stan’s product archive:

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Uh, obviously these should be built up to a fixed hub and go on my gitane track



I endorse this! Save me from myself!

These are so wild

Damn all 3 of my 650b bikes would look good with gold rims (purple, burgundy, and black frames) but they all have nice wheels already. I guess my purple bike doesn’t have a dynamo yet…


Price change to $150 for the pair to Tarckers.

You’re killin me Jimmy!

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I promise to fill the box with bonus parts! Whether you want them or not!

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Is that with shipping?

Shipping extra. I’m going to post a couple more places and/or wait until spring before dropping the price further.

Very reasonable. I’m trying to do mental gymnastics to justify 4 hand built wheel sets for my 3 650b bikes.