Some Tires

Here’s some tires I found while purging my tire bins of garbage.
Some schwalbe one 700x28. They don’t say tubeless on them anywhere. I have no recollection of buying them. They were in a sealed shipping bag with the return address of a tarcker on it lol $free+shipping€

A random Spesh CX tire. 700x33. $free+ship$

A pair of new Surly ETs. They say 26x46 on them and they don’t bit between the chain stays on my Bullitt. One in the cool package with a neat reusable Velcro strap, one with no package $40 for the pair.

Here’s all the junk I’m throwing out. Why the fuck was I keeping this garbage?!? WTF is wrong with me???


DMed about the Schwalbes!

Dibs on Spesh

Wait, what’s wrong with the rock-n-roads?

Someone buy those Surlys before I do.

They’re old and worn and starting to look dry rotted.

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All tires are claimed

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