Some XL long sleeve jerseys

Olive Albion
Green with checkers Sportful
Blue Search and State

All are too short in the sleeves for me, but if you’re not 6’6” they might work for you.
None worn more than a few times, no blemishes, $30 each or $75 for all three, payable to your local mutual aid group, not me.

Can you get me a pit-to-pit measurement please?
I am a bit extra-XL these days, so want to be sure of fit before I commit.

Or send them my way and I will pass to the next Tarckers if they don’t work for me.


I call secondary dibs

Will do. The sportful might work, I’m pretty sure the SaS and Albion will almost certainly not fit, they aren’t too stretchy

Ok can’t find SaS right now but
Albion is 20.5 pit to pit
Sportful is 22.

To wrap this up
@jimmythefly gets the big jersey if he wants it
@schultzor gets the rest, or all if Jimmy says no
Does this sound good?

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Just send it all to @schultzor

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Thy will be done.
@schultzor , prepare to be slightly warmer and slightly poorer, arrangements we shall make via DM