Somebody sell me a big bike

Looking for a ~62cm monster. Road geo of any kind.

Dang dude, just sold a 62cm Panasonic. Where were you 2 weeks ago?

I have a 63 cm Marinoni that I was planning to offload in the near future, if one is interested in an 8-speed drivetrain.


I have a drivetrain but would be interested in anything with brifters

It’s got those, albeit sorta uncomfortable first-gen style. I’ll send you a DM.

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Growth spurt?


It is for his kid


Shop is selling a 62 All City Mr.Pink 10th Anniversary on consignment. It’s in excellent shape, has awesome splatter paint and built with Campy Record. I think the asking price is $1600 Canadian, so only around $1300 USD.


Shop is closed today, so unless I stop in to work on some projects I’ll take some pics tomorrow.

Record 11, carbon bars, record hubs to Ambrosio rims, cx rays etc.

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I went to that shop one time. It was pretty cool.


Used to stop in all the time when I lived in Saskatoon, visited Edmonton. Great shop!

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How much would shipping be to Cincinnati Ohio 45223?

Fuck that bike is rad, I’d buy that in a heartbeat if I could afford it and it was 3cm smaller and…

I’d already be riding it if that were the case!

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Almost convinced myself to buy it for parts to build up this frame languishing in the rafters.

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I’ll buy just the frame if you do that.

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Tarck does it again! Successfully converted an n+1 situation into 2(n+1)

Tarck alchemy! 🧙🏽‍♂️