Spend my money!!!

And another:

http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ ... ke+07.aspx

So I think you have a lot more options then just bikes direct.

That BD Mercier with Ultegra is the shit.

That Jamis is a pretty good deal. Personally, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a 105/Ultegra mix. I work on bikes all day, and I build probably a dozen or so entry level road bikes a month. The inexpensive shit, Tiagra and Sora basically, sucks. The shifting is poor, the levers feel like flimsy crap, and we warranty the shit out of them. Buying the cheapest shit is a false economy; you’ll be replacing it long before you’ll ever be servicing your 105 levers (with a squirt of GT85).

Everyone is right, you’re almost certainly going to end up on your road bike more than you ever imagined you would be. Save yourself the shame of riding that inexpensive garbage and the headache that it causes and buy something decent.

I agree with bonechilling, the entry level Shimano stuff SUCKS. It’s fine for getting to class and back but that’s not all a road bike should do. Get 105 at least.

i’m thinking about the jamis satellite. what does a lbs usually charge to upgrade from tiagra/sora, when buying a stock bike? i’m sure this varies depending on where you live, and how cool your lbs is, but what is a good estimate for a 105/ultegra setup?
edit: i guess my question is do you just pay the difference, and about how much would it be?

Whatever a shop charges you for the parts and labor, it’s not worth it. People are always trying to get us to throw 105 stuff on whatever Tiagra-equipped Giants POS they’re buying, thinking that they’ll save a buck. We inevitably quote them a price that exceeds the cost of buying the better bike in the first place. The last thing most shops need are more Sora derailers hanging around, out of the box, in the back room.

I might sell a frame or two and buy the AL Mercier with DA.

Listen to this, it’s true. I got my '84 Schwinn Super Sport because I wanted a beater with gears so I could just chill on fixed for a while. Now I wish I had the money and waited to get something a little fancier 'cause riding road bikes fucking kicks ass. :bear:[/quote]

There is a huge difference between an 84 super sport and a new 105 or even tiagra bike…

I think that’s exactly what he’s saying.

I thought he was using his dissatisfaction with an ancient mediocre bike to support the assertion that you shouldn’t get a new mediocre bike.

Ok, so you’re saying that the most mediocre Tiagra bike is still better than a old Schwinn Super Sport? Gotcha.

My preference for a $900 budget would be used. Get something with a quality frame for 5 or 6 and put a little money into it. Quill stems don’t scare me.