Steel cyclocross frame with disc tabs

I’m looking to build up a cross bike for both racing and commuting.
I want steel and I want disc brakes. Looking to spend no more than $600 on the frame.
Vassago Fisticuff, Soma Double Cross, Salsa La Cruz,
Are there any others I’m missing?

Steelwool Tweed, Cotic Roadrat, Singular Peregrine

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singular peregrine
edit: they are going for $750

the fisticuff seems way overbuilt for any racing.

Oh and I need a derailleur hanger.
That steelwool tweed is pretty. Lugged too.


Long top tube though.

Newer Lemond Poprad.


Long top tube though.[/quote]

i’ve been wondering about this… to get the top tube length i need on a double cross frame i would need to size down a fair bit. i’d rather not run a billion spacers to get the bars up to the height i’m used to. do any DC owners find this a problem?

Double Cross has a tall looking head tube so might only need a half billion spacers. I have one on the way and should be able to report back in a week.

traitor ruben

not a problem! I have the opposite thing going on. I have all my spacers above the stem and will likely end up cutting the steerer tube once I finalize my fit. I have had the DCDC sine early April and have used it as a commuter/ daily rider since then and am VEERRRRY happy with it. FWIW I have done at 3 or 4 40+ mile rides on it and many 20 -30 mile rides on it.

[quote=Gear Monger]Oh and I need a derailleur hanger.
That steelwool tweed is pretty. Lugged too.

Too bad about that EBB! From everything I’ve read they seem pretty dumb compared to horizontal dropouts. instead of a mechanically simple thing that makes fender installation a bit more tricky, you have this mechanically complex thing that subtly changes the bike’s fit every time you use it.

are you heavy enough to need discs?

i feel like discs are a waste for cross coz your never really haulin balls

commuter racing though i can feel, it gets hairy out there

I weigh about 195 right now. It’s going to be my everyday commuter. Rain, sleet, mud, snow. That’s the main reason I want discs.

discs legal for racing?

For some reason I thought they weren’t. If not legal, plan on swapping brakes all the time?

[quote=chevy42083]discs legal for racing?

For some reason I thought they weren’t. If not legal, plan on swapping brakes all the time?[/quote]
for UCI. precisely no one will give a shit.

origin8 cx700. supposedly under 200. use savings to buy crabon disc fork and powdercoat job.

The Double Cross has a long top tube so that you can get the bars up level with or higher than the saddle, riv-style. Also, the long top tube will be offset somewhat by the fairly slack 72º head angle. I know a bunch of people who have double crosses. Most of those who got Double Crosses sized down and used hella spacers aren’t too stoked on their bikes. Most people I know who got the size up are really happy about them.

i was thinking about getting the 56, which has a 57.6 effective top tube. this is just about perfect length for me, even though the seat tube is a fair bit shorter than on my other bikes.

are you saying i should get the 58, (which has a effective tt of 59.2) to get closer to my normal st length, even though it seems like it would be way too long?

while i’m not keen on using a billion spacers, i’m even less keen on runing a 90mm (or shorter) stem

I’ve never had a bike with compact geometry so i’m a little confused. also i’d be aiming for the bars about level with the saddle if that makes a difference.

i believe he is implying, size for stack within reason, and probably run a zero offset post to steepen the effective seat tube angle, shorten the effective top tube length, and your reach should be ok with a normal range stem. instead of running, say, a 20mm setback post, run dat dere zero offset, and now your ETT is 2cm less. i don’t know the mathematics of what you’re effective seat tube angle will be though.

i ride 53-54tt.

i sized my soma down to the 52cm with 55cm tt with a 90mm stem, where i’d normally use 100mm stem. Ideally, I would be on the 50cm, but I didnt want the shorter headtube.