stole panasonic track - nyc

my apologies in advanced for this posting. this is my last effort to get the word out. this bike was stole last thurs night. if anyone sees it, please throw a lock on it and call me. bring my baby home.

51cm 80’s Panasonic (track)
campy sheriff star hubs / open pro rims
record pista crankset
nitto jaguar group
brooks narrow saddle

917 846 4091

Damn. Looks good. Hope you get it back soon.

Ouch. That is a sharp bike to loose. Good luck. Keep an eye on CL and the fence known as ebay.

Stolen from where? I’ll keep my eyes (er… eye) peeled.

lower NYC, near the brooklyn bridge.

:bear: Have you posted to NY fixed gear?

fixed.gear/nyc? if so, yup.

i think i already posted on this thread on BF but good luck, hope you get it back

I am sorry for you loss.