i noticed that lately my legs have gotten really tense, and as a result i can’t just hop on my bike and tear it up. i need to start stretching, so i looked up some stretches and thought i would share.

Easy Stretch Stage- Stretch to where you feel a slight, easy stretch and hold this for 15-30 seconds. As you hold this stretch the tension should diminish. If it doesn’t, ease off slightly into a more comfortable stretch.

Developmental Stretch Stage - After holding the easy stretch, move a little farther into the stretch until you feel mild tension again. Hold this stretch a further 15-30 seconds. Stretch tension should slightly diminish or stay the same. If the tension increases or becomes painful you are overstretching and need to ease off a bit. <-- actual stretches to do

anyone have any other good stretching suggestions, like methods or routines you use?

Don’t stretch muscles that aren’t warmed up ever!!!

Stretching is really important, but it’s a tool that needs to be used properly.

you are forgetting about the warming up stage.

first warm up, then do intense exertion, then stretch after. stretching before causes more injuries than none at all.

stretching is the most overrated athletic activity imaginable

Stretching is for old people.