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does anyone have any interest in this stuff or should I list it on eBay? priced to move because I’m not using any of it ever again

  • endpoint first generation frame with dented top tube
  • honey (made by seven) steel MTB frame with matching stem. QR rear. steep hta. really pretty though.
  • sid fork, boingy part questionably functional
  • SRAM xx1 cranks circa 2014
  • some kinda Pro saddle with huge cutout
  • whisky fork from the endpoint
  • ultegra 6800 shakes (mechanical everything)
  • the weird ultegra hydro shakes that aren’t actually ultegra, connected to the calipers, not leaky
  • MTB wheels with an i9 rear hub that is for single speed
  • Belgium+ rims to what I think are ultegra hubs built by @EndpointBraden. QR disc. lots of miles but no problems. free cassette I’m too lazy to take off

i will be taking pictures and boxing this stuff tomorrow with my son who is getting 10% of the proceeds. there’s more stuff I’m just forgetting. if you want pictures let me know and I’ll post them here, otherwise we’re eBay auctioning with no minimum. my garage is too full.

Kinda interested in the QR disc wheels, but also curious the size of these frames & spacing on the i9 Wheels.

ok! the endpoint is whatever the closest thing to a 54cm is that they made. medium? i can’t remember. i’ll measure it.
i will inform you of this in the morning. my mission is to pack ALL the stuff tomorrow regardless of where/whether it sells. anything that doesn’t sell is getting donated to the coop.

frame measurements? which whisky is this?

I’ll look in the morning. this all implies that i remember what stuff I bought ten years ago! but I will measure

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6800 shakes?

More deets on the i9 mtb hubs please. Wheel diameter, spacing, and axle type would help a lot

QR wheel stuff

something is slow about picture uploads.

i9 front is 100x15
i9 rear is 142x12
both those sound like real things that exist

@cheese whisky fork stuff. it’s a number 7.

one has a shift cable i was too lazy to free. i will accept $15+shipping for both of these total. or less, just tell me

i think you all know how endpoints work but it’s about as close to a 54 as it gets. coffee grinder. reminder of big dent in top tube. performance seems unaffected and it hasnt’ spread or cracked or anything. you pick an amount of money that is at least $50 and i will charge you that plus the shipping.

the honey mtb is like this:

i’m 5’9 and it fits great. hta is steep. comes with the balleur stem. the paint is nice but it’s old so it’s not perfect anymore. some kinda fancy ass steel. QR rear.

the best part is that this stuff is already all boxed up in my garage! obviously that doesn’t guarantee that i will get it to the shipping place quickly but i will give you $2 discount per day after the first 5 days of you paying me.

I’m honey curious, is it 26” wheel and how long is the TT/ett? I’m 5’7” but mostly legs so many mtbs are long for me

it’s 29" wheel. i dunno how long the top tube is and i already boxed it, sorry. i think it would be good for you with a shorter stem? the stock pretty stem is 90mm.

how much for qr belgium 700c wheels?