Sw8 vintage 1988 Mammoth MTB Championships Patagonia jacket

1988 World Mountain Bike Championships Mammoth California Patagonia jacket. Nylon shell, microfiber polyester insulation.
Size L.

Embroidered with the logo form the 1988 World Championships at Mammoth.

Damage and old repairs at both the left and right sleeves, see pics. No other damage that I can see, zippers work fine, etc.

There is also the name “Walter” sewn in white thread inside the mountain of the logo. Could be removed with a thread remover tool (which I have), but I wanted to leave it as part of the jacket’s history for now.

$40 + shipping from Oregon, USA.


Double the price and forward to the Lanterne Rouge guy.

yeah, you just need to sell it in the right place. I just sold some second-hand 3x Tiagra crank and 3x9 Tiagra shifters for $160.
1988 Worlds has got to be very in demand, in the right circles.

I know some people that would pay tons of money for that and then would say they only spent $15 at a thrift store


the opposite of popping tags. i love it.

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Damn I’d buy that if it was my size

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