Swrv pants for sale

yo tarck long time no chat. i bought these pants and i got a size too big so was hoping one of yall might want them for 100 dollars cheaper than retail. wore them one time. 36x32 navy blue durable cotton trousers. link below

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Well I guess if your big meatball @spaghetti falls through I’ve got some cash ready to go.


Sup Greg

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sup dook

hi everybody

this is not $25, i release my dibs!
$100 , cheaper than retail

haha sorry for the confusing dook speak. yes 100 dollars. cheaper than retail. if anyone wants let me know. if not make an offer. they are essentially new worn once and washed.

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They’re selling some on the Swrv site for $50 + ship. I can’t really pay $100 for some pants: $50 is pushing it, $25 is a no-brainer.