swrve group buy Milwaukee Hoodie - a quick review

Well, the group buy stuff Paramount and I ordered came in today. Unfortunately the box was short one pair of knickers he ordered, which was kind of a bummer, but Muriel at swrve agreed to ship them straight to him, which was pretty cool.

Anyway, I have wanted a Milwaukee hoodie for a while and was very glad to have a chance to buy one at such a discount. I went for the Softshell 3000 version. Here’s what it looks like.

Initial impressions:

The hoodie took up most of the room it the box. This thing is heavy. The fabric also feels substantial though. It’s stiffer than I expected, but cut well, so it never felt overly bunchy. The soft fleecy lining is nice too. In the drizzle I rode home in water beaded up nicely on it, and I never felt like the wind was cutting into me. Finally, it just looks damn nice.

The fit:

At 6’2" and 180 lbs the large is just about a perfect fit, with enough room for a few thin layers underneath. On the bike the sleeves feel a little on the short side, but I have pretty long arms. There was sometimes a gap between the sleeves and my gloves, but nothing serious. It is plenty long in the torso. The small of my back was always covered, even when in the drops, and it never felt constricting around the neck.

Cool features:

I like the big pockets the back. There is a ton of room in there. If you really didn’t want to be burdened with a bag you could easily throw a few tools and flat fixing supplies and head out the door. There’s a mesh inside pocket, the sleeves are longer on top to provide better coverage when riding, and there’s a good sized backing behind the zipper to provide extra wind protection.

Stuff that could be better.

My one major complaint is the lack of serious pit venting. It breathes pretty well because of the fabric, but with heavy exertion a few little grommets aren’t going to do much. Either mesh panels at the pits or pit zips would have been much better.

The hood - As a piece of casual clothing the hood is cool, but it’s too bulky to fit under a helmet and not large enough to fit over one. It’s fine off the bike I guess, and if you go for the helmetless urban jihadist look you might like it. I just don’t see the point. Also, it would have been nice if it came with cordlocks for the drawstring.

The front pockets are almost tiny enough to be useless, and there are no zippers. You’d be lucky to get your hands in them if you had bulky gloves on. I wouldn’t trust carrying stuff in these pockets walking, much less riding a bike.

Thumbholes and a front cell pocket would be nice touches without cluttering it up with “features”.

Overall, I like it a lot. It is already in the running for favorite piece of clothing. For what I paid with group buy pricing I am very happy.

Hmmmm I am ordering the Gortex, I might switch it up now that you are saying the Softshell is heavy.

superpsyched to get mine. i got the fuzzy softshell.

Screw it I am keeping the gortex, I want this thing to be all warm and cozy.

That’s cool to see the water beading like that. Is the hiding hoodie the same material? It looks perfect for Cleveland rain (light and misty, soaks your front and back).

Softshells are pretty awesome, just make sure you use the proper detergent when washing. If you don’t that shit will lose it’s waterproofness after a while I believe. HighWest had a couple that went that way for him if I recall correctly. I prefer the gore-tex myself, but I have a softshell that’s sweet.

Not to be a dick, but it looks pretty lame. Doesn’t sound like it works all that great either. Hope you ultimately like it though.

I don’t trust your taste anymore. :colbert:

I’m not saying it might not be useful – perhaps form really is just following function – but it’s really shapeless and it doesn’t even sound like the function is that great.

kind of looks like those mexican rugs the hippie potheads wear.


Seriously the history of ponchos are way rad. I love weaving.

That is a spot on review.

What I don’t like about mine is the arms are short (but only when riding) and for something i would consider “bike specific” this is a major issue. It fits fine when i am off the bike but not so much on it. Th

For those debating the gortex or the softshell, the soft shell is only water resistant. If its raining hard you will get wet.

It’s a compromise of a garment, and as compromises go it works pretty well.

I never got the point of a cycling hoodie. However my girl got me a drug rug for a joke a couple of years ago and i like that a lot. It’s good for lols and cozy to wear around the house when it’s cold.

anyone have the swrve jeans?

i was gonna get a pair, but decided that even at the $55 groupbuy price it was too much for a pair of jeans…

I got a pair of their jeans about six months ago. I like how they look/fit and they are comfortable for riding. However, there were a couple problems. On the pair I bought there was some kind of a flaw in the fabric on the rear pocket – it just looked whitish when the jeans were new, but that spot pretty quickly it turned into a hole. Also, I like having a cell phone pants pocket, but the placement of the cell phone pocket is different on their jeans than on their knickers; on the knickers, the pocket is more off to the side and that works just fine, but on the jeans it is closer to the center so that you are sitting right on the cell phone. It sucks and I don’t use it.

I have bought hoodies many times from Milwaukee and it is really comfortable and stylish. Still I buy from there due to good quality.

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