Swrve knickers and wool, vintage jerseys

damn y’all never thought i’d be the one that drastically reduced riding coz of a kiddo.
I’ve got some stuff i haven’t worn in years now at this point so gonna clean most of it out.

i’m gonna make a few posts after this coz photos on phone. if you want measurements on any of this stuff just let me know.

Both of these are in nice shape. The black are water repellent. Grey are herringbone. $45 a pair, a little cheaper if you want both.

Swrve wool shirts, 2 ls in off white. One ss in blue, all size m it seems. I hardly ever wore these, notice there are a few small spots in the pics. Moths maybe?!
$40 for all.

These jerseys. All are xl or size 5 but i gotta double check. Say $50 shipped for all.

Knickers are sold