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I’ll keep updating this as I clear out the office

All prices include shipping

Arturia Microbrute $200
Behringer TD3 purple $100

Both include power supplies and any original cables, plus whatever other useful midi or patch cables I come across and toss in

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Some may be too expensive to ship, but I’ll post here anyway

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If there’s a drum machine I want it

Got a Roland TR-6S in the box. $300 shipped?

I have a microbrute
I feel so so on behringer

Or maybe I don’t? Idk did I sell this to you?

Me? No

I will mull this over. I don’t use my microbrute much but I will with a drum machine right?!

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That’s what I did, sync out to the brute and twidle knobs.

I just do more noise than anything listenable to stuff gott go before moving.

Got anything to make fun simple bleeps and bloops with a kiddo?

The Microbrute is about as simple as it gets, but an iPad app is probably easier.


my kid likes to mess with my pocket operators but she certainly isn’t making any “music” with them. but shit, neither am i

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Any interest in eurorack modules? I’ve got a small rack I never gelled with so it’s going to find a new home.

Nifty case bundle w/ Cellz and Chipz $220
Simple ADSR $80
Erica Synths Polivoks Oscillator $80
Erica Synths Black 3109 VCA $120
After Later Audio FILThy Filter $80
After Later Audio Clouds $150
Pico mix $free if you want it

$650 shipped if you want it all, which is a stupid good price for a complete skiff


Not to totally block anyone sale, if you’re looking for a fun noisemaker for a kid, the orba and orba 2 are pretty fun. The best part is it’s always in tune.


oh lord what have you wrought upon me

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I set a bookmark for two years out for that

Or you could buy my toys immediately :wink:

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You’re spawning?