tacticool velcro patches-who's in?

I’m going to order some of these patches.

They will come in pairs.
They will be on the order of 2" wide.
They will have a velcro backing.
They will come with a matching piece of loop material in case you want to stitch that onto something and avoid participating directly in the tactico-industrial complex.

I need a rough idea of how many to order.
Will work out the money/distro stuff later–just need a number.
Sound off before Sunday, June 19 or wish you had.


I will be having one pair.

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How many for my operator child murder backpack and vest?

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2" wide, you do the math

in for pair

in for a pair

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In for pair

Will consume 1 pair

Maybe, but want to attach it with .5 inch cone studs not velcro

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I would consume up to $20 or so worth of patches, however many that ends up getting me. So at least one set.

You’ll do better than one pair for 20 bucks.
I’m not here to make a profit–I just want to justify buying a custom patch.

Down for a set.

yeah count me in for however many whole pairs $20 will buy

I’m down for two pair

I’ll get a pair as well

Yes plz

yes. PI group buy?

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yah, pls 1pr.

@LASER_BEIGE package is going to get chonky :smiley:

Sure, a pair.

Also a pair