TAF spyderco group buy

I have the green one that I got from Amazon for $65 or whatever

my main criteria are <3" blade, plain edge, preferably sheepsfoot or something not-stabby, preferably a nice action and lock. I don’t really care about blade steel.

Would definitely be in for a tarckbear knife.

DM me your address.

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Maybe I’m the only one, but it seems like it would be coolest if we could settle on one model and get something tarck-specific made. Like the little Victorinox, I like the ingroup vibe of a thing only us special folks have.

I would propose the Emphasis or the Efficient from the value folder series. I love the lil’ native but will they ever make more?
People who know knives better maybe could make a more thoughtful multiple choice. Poll?

I’m happy to help with the annoying logistics for what that’s worth.


If you can live without a lock I’ll sell you a Pingo. They were a limited edition collaboration thing a couple of years ago.


ooh that’s a weird one, I dunno about another non locking knife that takes two hands to open- I find those frustrating about my BM proper

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I always meant to get a Pingo for taking to Scotland and I never got around to it.



Why do these have to be so spendy?

I’d get one of those with a tarckbear etching.

I know a guy

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Bookstore I worked at the 90s gave all the staff custom-engraved Opinels for christmas one year. That was a great present, I still have and use mine 25 years on.


Yeah I think Spyderco retail -30% is still too rich for my blood too.


City Lights?

I wish.