TAF spyderco group buy

spyderco group buy.

30% off retail (minimum order qty 10). any knives that are in stock are available, does not have to be all of the same style. spyderco DOES NOT do custom knives, eg. different colored grips, various mix n match.

couple week-month lead time, depending on what people choose.

if peeps want laser engraved there is a $50 setup fee for logo + $3 per blade, text is $25 setup + $3 per blade. add a few bucks for shipping to you.

tldr: 30% off any in stock spyderco, pick any knife. comment if you’re in, we need minimum 10 quantity. i’m volunteering to do the group buy admin, i don’t make any money off this and won’t be ordering a knife for myself.


What would we get engraved? Tarck Bear?

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Wtf is in stock
Srs q

wtf these knives are like $200

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Would we be able to get a grasshopper/honeybee in stainless and have someone cut the scales like the brass swiss ones?


if so we should avoid anything with factory G10 scales as they cost more, but a lot of the nicer knives have them

spyderco DOES NOT do custom knives

do you read at all? the ones that are out of stock have a large red “out of stock” banner across the top of the product image.

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You gotta be kidding me
A banner?
That has words on it?
No shit dude half the fugn website is out of stock
The comment was “what the fuck is in stock”

Stop fighting!

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you’re kind of poisoning the well here. if you’re here to troll or to add responses non relevant to the group buy, please go elsewhere?

it’s 2021, if you’re not familiar with supply chain and production shortages…uhh i’m not sure what to tell you. also, they have hundreds(?) of knives so i’m sure there’s something that might interest you.


I would be very happy to have someone with more knife knowledge than me point me to a reasonably priced TAF one that I could just buy in on, rather than homercar my own.


Would be into something with tarckbear on it somehow. Otherwise can’t justify.

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Really expected some track colourwhey knives itt

In for laser-engraved tarckbear something or other.

def in on a bear blade if one comes to be

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i don’t even care what’s on the blade i just want 30% off

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You can get that already. Retail prices are pretty inflated compared to market.

I’ve had an orange one of these that’s been banging around on my pocket for the last few years


But as heath says, Amazon prices are basically already 30% of their website msrp:

I like Spydercos and will probably get something like a Para someday but I just got a nice knife from Eric and I’m trying to budget right now so I’m out

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