tarck-ass SPD dunks

Those SPD nike dunks the USA BMX team is using are now on sale. thought ya’ll should know.


the more i stare at them the less ugly they become. i wish they weren’t limited though; they’ve got some serious product for a growing tarck market.

old news

Iunno, I think it’s valid news. We only knew of their existance. Now we know they’re actually for sale.

While on the subject though, I can’t bring myself to liking them. I want to though.

Maybe if that black wasn’t black and gold instead of all black or black and white, I’d get those in a heartbeat.

they have a few versions… one is an all black with a gold swoosh.

Maybe if they were $100

That’s what I’m saying. If that one wasn’t black and gold, I’d be interested in them.

$220? wtf

READ, man! He said if they weren’t black and gold.

He wants all black ones.

I want to see the olympic bmx stuff. No cable though. Suggestions?

Ill try, last I heard it required Vista…

i have safari

also… i’m sure ninjavieo.net will get 'em

So am I going to get the gold/black or the Team Japan ones?

the japan ones are njs… no brainer!

the japan ones are njs… no brainer![/quote]

The Japan ones are most likely designed by TET. At least I think he designed their uniforms.

those cost as much as my kilo did.

dunks are played out, anyway. im tired of looking at them.