Tarck Community Health Report 2019

New Tarck is one now. I think it's a good interval to reflect on community health and growth since we've moved to Discourse.

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Thanks for posting this Jordan! Fun to look at the metrics and stuff.

Dang, the Hong Kong data was really surprising.

Yeah, thanks!

Immediately after nutarck was built, I noticed myself posting less, but giving more hearts.


Checking in for the sweeeedes.

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we are getting pinged by something in Virginia

guvment is watching


Hells yes.

Does new tarck have more or less of a Google presence than old tarck? Is that knowable? Guess I’m just curious about how Discourse presents itself to search engines (I haven’t had to google anything tarck related for a while since search actually works now)

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:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

What does the future of tarck hold? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My sources say no

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i think all the virgina hits is the cloudfront edge (us east (n. virginia)) checking for invalidated objects (all our static js/css)

not mentioned is the referrer header, we’ve been linked from the following a lot:

and this other grav-grav forum i’ve not heard of but doesn’t currently have confetti? :man_shrugging:

Do we have info on what the targets of the links are? I’d be really interested in seeing what they’re linking to.

The pictures of face thread duh


But no it’s aggregated in the report, I can probably run a query and work it out tho

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