Tarck creations

so i got bored and had a ton of paper clips, some key chain rings, and a soldering gun. decided to make this for my gf.

unfortunately could not get a saddle and the wheels are removable because for some reason it wouldnt stick :colbert:

ignore the horrible lack of skill and precision as you feast your eyes my masterpiece:

this was actually a lot harder to do than i thought

whoa check out the wheelbase + chainstay that thing must be a touring crit bike

actually i kinda like that little thing. it is nifty

what kinda stuff do you normally solder?

haha i dont solder anything actually. its my dad’s old soldering gun that took to used for wires and stuff. i just had this crazy stupid idea when i saw the box of paperclips haha

well im off to deliver this gift :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a thread?

laser cut…

you have lazerz in the liberty bunker?


i read this as “tarck creationists”

Art is the process, not the end product

diy thread in off topic.




It is the process of creating, that is really art. the end product is just that a work of art, not art. To many people get caught up on quality and forget that art is the doing. hence miss out on the fulfillment of the creative process.

that actually looks pretty awesome, I might try making one out of paper someday

hell yes. umar for pres

going way off topic buy i believe that making art is an act of communication. the artist’s creative process is only part of what makes most artwork valuable. most art that would be considered important is made by people that keep a finger on the pulse of society and are sensitive and intelligent enough to articulate the little things that all of us feel but can’t quite put our finger on. it’s this act of communicating these universals, or the specifics of the present that make good art good. artists mainly communicate through the objects (be it painting, video, music whatever), and it’s usually these objects that stand alone with the audience, whatever the guy went through to make it will usually be lost. although, there are those that communicate through process and they usually make it clear that the process is what is important to them. the whole process vs. object argument has been made, and everyone understands that both are viable ways of making art. now everyone does whatever.

Oh ^ I make no mention of “good” art I talking just the joy of “art” … Thinking Bob Ross, art that is more lily to never leave your neighbors basement let alone be anywhere near important

i just call it “fart”