Tarck Water Bottle -- Shipping is COMPLEEEEEETE


If I can get it together I’m going to make a Tarck water bottle.

It’s going to be the Tarck bear animation in 4 stages, printed around the circumference of the bottle so that when you spin it the Tarck bear will be animated. Nose facing the cap, tail at the base.

I’m thinking 50 x Specialized water bottles. Anyone have a preference for color (can’t be clear).

I think they’ll be around $12 to $14 each, depending on which style I choose.

Alls I need is someone to help me with the artwork. If you’re interested in helping me, please PM.


Hyper Green or Transparent Pink!

what happened to the bosch bottle?

My vote is for moflo purist bottles if going specialized. Colorwise my vote goes to hyper green bottle w/ transparent green or clear or royal blue or black lid, transparent pink with purple or black or clear lid, or turqouise bottle with royal blue or clear lid.

In for a handful, and can volunteer to assist graphically if more competent folks are otherwise occupied (have designed kits in AI that were produced, did water templates before but those never became a thing)

I may have already done this art during the time in my life where 90% of my free time was tarck focused.

Still doing it! I just found out that Tacx can do full-color prints on water bottles.

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The animation won’t work as well with a clear bottle.

Do you guys think a 3- or 4-step animation would be best. I’m now thinking 3 steps would be better

You could do like 7 frames

hot take not to be a downer but I’m pretty sure this thing isn’t gonna look animated


Maybe not but it will still be cool

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I’m behind this

Okay help me with artwork and it shall be done.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Under the right combination of bottle rolling speed and the flickering of a very specific dyno setup, tarckbear will be revealed to those who are worthy.


Will there be a bidet attachment?


I’m in for 2 bottles

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how about a fade for the colourway

tarck green to tarck purple seems nicely hideous

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in for 2

In for a pair at least

Okay who’s going to art me

Let’s go with turquoise and a dark blue cap.

So the bear is black? And the garbage ?