Tarckcap money overspill

i still say donate it to something site related, or you keep it.

or tell people you donated it to the site but really keep it.

maybe put it into a raffle so the price is cheaper for everyone is less.

or you can be like the great american government and do a refund and waste a ton of your money giving money back to us!
woo hoo for rebates!!!

(we gave you the money, do whatever you want)

i found a great charity


Fuck it. You’re all getting one of these.

money goes to tarcksticker reup sticker packs.

thread closed.

I don’t like the idea of tarckee keeping it for himself since we agreed when paying that the money would be donated (implicitly (maybe expressly? I don’t feel like checking) to a charity (calling tarckee’s beer fund a charity doesn’t count)). I don’t see why zombie has turned this into such a big fucking issue, or why zelah keeps trying to get him to have a dialogue (it won’t happen).

I’m not voting because I have no interest in being involved in all this stupid drama. IT’S A FUCKING DONATION. How about Tarckee donates zombie’s share to BTR and throws a dart at a god damned board to choose where the rest goes. Then maybe you can all shut the fuck up about it.

how about we donate it to tarkee

oh shit

lets fucking burn the money


This charity appears to provide bicycles to poor people in Africa. If we have $109 left over we can buy a whole bike.

very much fucking agreed. i don’t give a good goddamn where the extra dollar goes, as long as it does SOMETHING good. buy some fucking apples and give em out to hobos for all i care.

wait, i have to buy a cap first. FUCK!

i would be ok with my money going to another charity, and it would be nice to do one that is bike related seeing as thats what brings us all together.

i used to volunteer a bunch for Bikes for Tykes. Kurt, the guy in charge of it up here is a great guy, and its an overall decent organization. they have several other chapters so we would have to choose one.

Maybe the extra should be moved to a new project of making a tarck donation to that site? I dont have the cash for a hat atm so I’m not involved but it appears this is a worthwhile cause, and I would love to see some form of donation made, the extra cash from the hats could be just the starting point.

He should either keep it himself for the trouble (packing up all those hats and ordering and all is a PITA im sure) or put it toward some other tarckbike thing we get going…or maybe a local thing that needs money near him.

Screw sending it to Africa. :colbert:

he should keep it.
think of the packing supplies… he’s gonna go thru rolls of tape & boxes/envelopes & labels… etc.
and all the time…

[quote=“artblur”]he should keep it.
think of the packing supplies… he’s gonna go thru rolls of tape & boxes/envelopes & labels… etc.
and all the time…[/quote]

I’m inclined to like this idea, I met him this weekend briefly, seemed like a legit dude, my only objection being the intentions laid out in the original plan. He doesnt seem too concerned with keeping it (I actually dont know the sum) so i think donating it somewhere bike related or using it for another project is the proper use for the extra.

The bottom line is this:

A few people who so far have not ordered caps raised objections about sending the (theoretical) surplus to Bikes To Rwanda.

Meanwhile, I have about 40 people who ordered caps with the initial understanding that’s where any surplus would be going.

As far as I’m concerned, it should be up to those people whose money I have been trusted with to decide where any surplus goes. I think that is the only reasonable and fair solution. Right now I’m planning on putting up a private poll somewhere else, which will be open only to those who have ordered a cap to decide where any surplus should go.

For the record, I don’t think there’s anything inherently evil about a model that involves selling bikes, offering financing, etc… If it employs local people at a fair wage, does not exploit buyers via ridiculous interest rates, and enables owners to get bikes that actually work for their purposes and the terrain (instead of janky castoffs from the West), get mechanical support, parts and services it could be a positive force in the community. Ideally this model could become self-sustaining or at least less dependent on injections of cash from overseas.

Does BTR meet all of these criteria? I honestly can’t say. I’m just offering another perspective.

I can definitely understand the perspective that the motivations of the people behind BTR may be less than 100% charitable, and I don’t think anyone gets a pass with “We live in a global economy.” if people are being taken advantage of. That said, I think the truth is complicated and the best we as consumers can do is educate ourselves and make the best decisions we can based on the evidence in front of us.

People who have ordered a cap will have the opportunity to vote about where any surplus goes. That is the only fair solution. If this decision deters a few people from ordering a cap, so be it.

As far as I’m concerned this poll is useful for the sake of discussion, but is in no way binding. If anyone would like to discuss this with me privately, please pm or e-mail tarckcap @ gmail.com.

This thread.

Holy shit. This fucking thread.

You guys should buy me a cap with the surplus. I want one, but I’m a broke dirtbag.

[[quote=“zombie”][quote=“zelah”]tell me why you care about bikes to rwanda zombie[/quote]

What I care about is not letting you uppity bitches dictate policy, especially when my dollar is on the line.

I’d rather throw my $.99 in the garbage.[/quote]

I dident read this whole thread
I dident read the “bikes for rwanda” thread
i did send money for a tarkcap

I havent visited this forum in the last few days. Today i come here and i find other people deciding what to do with the money ive already sent.

i dont want anyone sending my money to anywhere i dident agree too.
I dont care about the charity thing or who gets what even if theyve already said they dident want it.bla bla bla

It may sound funny coming from one who would benefit, but could the extra money go to cover part of the cost of shipping to the international tarckers? I’ve just been told that it’ll cost an extra $11 for us to get our hats. If we’re not going to do anything world-changing with the extra money, would covering part of this shipping be a worthwhile use? If it goes to good use, I’ve got no problem paying whatever. Charities are fine so long as it’s not a front for the RCP or the Republican party.