Tarckcap money overspill

I think he should keep it for his trouble.

Since he said in the other thread that he would like to give the money away, I think it would be great if we kicked it towards hosting.

You are a chump if you think you can take my money that I have already paid for one thing and suddenly spend it on something else. Go ahead and tell me that the OP from the tarckcap thread isn’t a contract.

I wonder if anyone else would invest their valuable time and energy into a tarckbike project just to get themselves in the position that you have put tarckee into now?

If I remember correctly I mentioned the idea of putting it towards site-related expenses early on.

Regardless of how the money is ultimately spent I believe strongly that those who have a stake in the project (i.e. those who have sent me money) should make the decision. I don’t agree with this poll for that reason.

Already suggested, it was deemed unnecessary.

zombie if everyone else is cool donating elsewhere I personally will donate $1 to bikes to rwanda in your name

What I care about is not letting you uppity bitches dictate policy, especially when my dollar is on the line.

I’d rather throw my $.99 in the garbage.

Discuss going back in time 15 days, to a time before everyone entered into an agreement to do one specific thing with our money, just about two weeks before you got a hair up your ass to ruin one of the first cool things that we all got involved in. Remember?

I’m stayin outa this.

he should be able to keep what he wants for his trouble and do whatever with the rest. vote for whatever you want with the rest.

zombie I still don’t understand how this is ruining something. 15 days ago we thought that Bikes To Rwanda did something very different than what they actually do. we are not trying to dictate anything, we think other people might feel the same way and may wish to reconsider where the money goes in light of information that we were not aware of when this decision was being made.

we don’t like the idea of donating money to an organization that makes it seem like they are GIVING BIKES TO POOR PEOPLE, when in fact they are using the money to buy bikes to SELL bikes to the poor people that we gave money to help.

had we realized that this was what was going on, we would have voiced our objections sooner.

I was initially uneasy about my leftover money going towards Bikes to Rwanda, but I’ve already paid so its kinda out of my hands at this point. I’d prefer to see the money go to the organizer for all his work and even being kind enough to deal with our disagreements or towards the upkeep of the site, but really at this point zombie is right: that OP was a contract that I willingly bought into when I read it and sent my money along. So its really not right for us to try to back out of what was already agreed upon unless everyone who happened to have already bought in also agrees with it (and obviously we don’t). Zelah, you already said you were going to do the right thing, and just not contribute or participate in the cap purchase so why raise hell about it now? This is definitely something that should’ve been done in the days leading up to the purchase organization or something done separately and before for our next group buy.

tell me how i’m ruining anything? [/quote]

I wonder in tarckee was interested in getting into the middle of your stupid NPO drama when he decided to do this awesome favor for us? Go ahead and ask him if he would do it again knowing the shit you’d start.

Look into my brown eye.

okay, i didn’t really read the thread, and i didn’t order a cap, and i didn’t vote.

but here’s a suggestion: instead of putting the money toward a new project or site maintenance, why not save it for when someone needs it. (example: tim’s helmet fund. second example, unrelated to tarckbike: the fund for messengers who’ve been hit, whatever that is/was.)


Damn, Rwanda gets no love.

can someone link me to a place that explains exactly how BTR works? i havent quite figured it out yet. i was under the impression that they help set up shops where bikes are made and sold to farmers (do these shops create new jobs, or how does that work?), who use them to increase productivity and $$$. is this wrong?

rwanda is cool and all but there’s enough people here that need money.

like katt williams says, we dont have to go to africa to donate money, amazingly enough there are needy kids down the street.

Here’s the first result for “bikes for kids Seattle” if tarckee is so inclined.

Yes. I’m familiar with Bikeworks.