Technics SL-1400 Turntable and Sony Tuner

Anyone want to pay me some money for this turntable?

I don’t know anything about it but folks are selling them for $300+ online so I don’t want to just take it to goodwill. I’d love for it to go to someone for a good deal. Is it worth $100 to anyone? If it isn’t, I’ll drop it at the thrift store.


I’m also getting rid of this today unless someone wants it for whatever you think is fair.

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I’m your huckleberry.
Edit: turntable that is.

I don’t know what that means. Also I don’t really want to ship it. Wish it wasn’t 15lb and fragile.

That was my motivation for not dibsing :cry:

Fair enough, bro. Do with it as you will.

I might be interested in that receiver. Ours spontaneously stopped working on the FM tuning. Everything else works fine so I’ve got a pocket radio hooked up to the aux but that kinda sucks.

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Glad I didn’t take it on the goodwill run today. I can drop it off this week.

Dang. Wishing I could get the turntable to one of y’all who wants it. Is shipping these things easier than I think? Like can I take it to a music store and have them do it for a reasonable price?

The trick is getting a good box and foam that suspend it good. It’s absolutely shippable but will take some hacking with cardboard and styrofoam.

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Tape the arm to the little tree it rests on. Wrap in bubble wrap. Pray.

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I regret giving all of my vinyl away. Is this an excuse to jump back in?

put the turntable on cl, it’ll sell!


I know it’s a broken record, LOL, but check your free craigslist section. Always given away vinyl, always given away turntables, always giving away vintage receivers, always given away ventured speakers. You can put together a pretty neat system for free.

This. Or just take it to the starvation army and the same person will end up getting it with zero profit but also zero hassle for you.
I have a friend here looking to get into phono and I thought this might be a good chance, but yeah I would probably do some major disassembly and packing before shipping one of those.

A pro audio joint would charge you more than the value of the unit to pack it, just out of contempt.

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Don’t take it to SA. They use prison labor and are an anti lgbt hate group. Fuck em.
Some of the worst work I’ve ever done was sorting donated clothes for 80 hours when I got sentenced to do “community service” because I got busted with weed.

Kinda crazy that I just had to spend a handful of days doing shitty work and so many less fortunate (and less white) people are spending significant chunks of their lives behind bars even though weed is legal now. Let em out!


I called it starvation army for a reason.

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If you are going to give that turntable away I can come and pick it up and save you the trouble!

I think I’ll keep it before giving it away.
There’s likely another house move coming soon and I may reevaluate. I’ll keep the thread posted.

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I think that is a great idea.