Tern Sammiches

I saw this without my glasses on and thought it was a pendant.

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I’d wear it. For the luck.

Lucky someone doesn’t have a lock cutter

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or access to the fact that those are cheaper new.




“USA made front fork stabiliser for loading”. I’ve never seen this before; I obviously need to spend more time on the internet.


whaaaaaat. steering lock or damper?


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looks straight outta my box of misc nuts and fasteners

I’m dumb but what’s up with the drivetrain? It looks like an igh but I can’t find a shifter on my phone

in the middle of the rusty stack, gripshift!

like how it has that crazy steering lock, but no racks/bags installed


Looks like a steering damper but one that’s fully compressed. Meaning that’s as far left as the bike is able to turn.

It stabilizes the steering by not allowing any.

WTH is going on with that thing, it doesn’t make any sense to me

maybe current owner has planned all their routes to only require right-hand turns

I think it is a spring underneath that plastic sheath.

Which is still real dumb.

Said owner works for the fuzz, every year he buys and sells ridiculous bikes

steering thingee is lock when attached to DT, unclips from DT mount (with spring loaded collar) then clips into black plasitc clip on fork to prevent flailage while actually riding (SHARTMO anyway)


Probably not that out of the ordinary for a crust fetish bike, but first I’ve seen locally.

:smilegrant: would be proud of that stem height

It’s just this bike in disguise

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