Tesa 4298 "rim" Tape - $4

I still have a shit ton of this. $4 to your door.
that’s my shipping cost.
or you can spend the $20 on 12 rolls from amazon, but then you’ll have my problems.


In for one. How to pay?

yes please lmk how to pay

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Pm your address.

So, it’s $4/roll shipping included?

yeah, basically i don’t want to have so many any more, but i’m not yet at the “pay people to take them away” level.
2 rolls of this will last me plenty.

edit: wait a sec… gotta check something in my basement when i get back to continental US

Do you still have rolls left?

I totally don’t need this, still haven’t even opened the roll of blue tape I bought, but for $4 it’s good to have options.

I still have a bunch.

Did I pay you?

No but I still had your address from the knife scales. Did it show up?

It did… imma send you some dolla bills y’all.

Edit: paypal’d

couple of rolls left.

Ship to canada? Will pay full shipping

I thought I’d be in the position of selling off many rolls of tape really cheap today but Amazon sent me 24 rolls of scotch masking tape instead. Trying for a replacement shipment but I suspect I’ll be getting masking tape again.

I’m rich


I don’t even need any tape right now but you can send me some if you want to.

@bward1028 got any more rolls? Have sealant seeping thru the holes…happy to pay shipping + whatever you deem to be your storage fee

yeah im pretty sure i still have a few. shoot me a message