The Badass or pretty much better than average Saddle Thread

So… this NEON green turbo showed up in the mail today.
Its not my favorite by any means, but it’s so intensely neon its both nice & painful to look at.

if he wasn’t a ninja & i thought i could steal it without him taking a katana to my neck…
i’d snag my favorite saddle ever from deathare:

mmm Reminton

i think they still sell those concors like DH has don’t they

i haven’t been able to tarck one down

First google hit.

Similar, if not the same. ... 0%20SSMCC8

ha… i just found the same one… i’m getting it

I have the ti railed version of this for my new build.

I have the ti railed version of this for my new build.[/quote]

i want one of those very much.

just keep at eye out on ebay. gots mine for $75, almost half the price of retail.

Speaking of saddles, anyone know where I can get a Soma Kamisori in white? I made the mistake of buying the Soma Ensho instead of waiting for the Kamisori. Pretty much to most uncomfortable saddle I own.

Are they finally available from them!? I check their site weekly and they’ve been sold out for months. I wish they wouldn’t price that saddle so ridiculously. It’s a Velo that everyone else has for $25. But I guess colors other than black carry a premium…

I’ve had two cool saddles pass through my way, a white Turbo and a champagne NJS Kashimax Aero (padded and covered version, not the BMX one). I’m excited to try out a black Flite, I really dig the way they look. It might get passed on too, idk.

Why is it that most saddles are so hideous?

Speaking of saddles, I’ve got a San Marco Rolls that’s reasonably new, but so far it’s uncomfortable as hell. Do these things break in, or is it just not the right saddle for me? Weird question I know…

Give it a little bit. If it’s just not working after a month at the most, try something else.

GAH! I just finally bought an Arione and now I find a synthetic Concor. Awesome…

I have an Arione on my nice fixed gear and one on my road bike. I love 'em.

My blue and white stripped Concor

My Championship Edition 1986 saddle