The Grand Tour 300

Hello everyone.

Last Saturday I rode a 300 mile event. I actually registered for the Quad (400 miles) but couldn’t complete it in the required time frame. The interesting thing is it’s not a race but a TIMED EVENT. What that means is you must complete the 400 miles in 24 hours on open roads. To the armchair cyclist this sounds doable. Heck it’s only 16.6 mph average right? The challenge is the gazzillion freakin’ stop lights through the urban areas. The climbing isn’t bad only about 12K and about 8k in the first 125 miles. I missed one turn which cost me an extra 5 miles. I missed a checkpoint and that cost me 8 miles. And I crashed at mile 105 at 33 mph on a descent and finished the remaining 200 miles.

If you’re interested the ride report is here. Or if you prefer we can discuss on this thread.